Why a greyhound?

Why a greyhound?

We often get asked about our logo and mascot.  Is it our dog?  Well, neither of us has a greyhound…..we’re a black lab kinda family….to be honest.  But there is a very good reason behind our logo.

In 1821 The Biggar Coursing Club was founded for ‘proprietors and resident gentlemen’ and they sent their greyhounds off racing across the fields of Biggar. By 1868 the club was in decline, so the remaining members changed it from a coursing club to a social club and their subscription fees were used to purchase fine wines and spirits.  To store it they rented the cellar of the Biggar Corn Exchange where there was room for sixty dozen bottles. An early twentieth century magazine noted that ‘... if the taste for coursing has become extinct in the district, that for good wine has most certainly not.’

What better way to represent Biggar Gin than remembering this society of connoisseurs who appreciated a truly, fine drink.

We think that our greyhound looks calm, intelligent, dynamic and independent. All traits we hope you will recognise in Biggar Gin and our #Biggarmentality

You can find out more about the history of Biggar through the excellent work of The Biggar Museum Trust  http://www.biggarmuseumtrust.co.uk

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