Cocktails by David Lapsley

In 2019 David Lapsley, Sommelier Patron at Etive Restaurant in Oban invested lot of time to experiment with Biggar Gin as a base for gin cocktails. You can find a number of these cocktails in our Recipe section. Here's what David had to say about his time working on his Biggar Gin recipes:


I have really enjoyed working alongside Biggar Gin and sharing some of my favourite cocktails from Etive’s lists and assessing how they worked with Biggar Gin and redeveloping some classics.
I also really enjoyed the new creations for this list. My overall favourite from those new creations would be the Biggar Pink Greyhound because of how it directly connects to Biggar’s branding but also it looks and tastes great and it is one of the easier to replicate for fans of Biggar Gin.
My other favourites which I would be seasonal in my drinking of them are the Gin4Fall in winter and The Biggar”Town” punch in the summer.
I hope you try and recreate the cocktails and develop them further to your own personal taste.

Happy mixing


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