Biggar Gin Pink Greyhound Sour
Biggar Gin Pink Greyhound Sour

Pink Greyhound Sour

In a sour cocktail, we add an egg white so that when shaken with the gin and some lemon juice in a cocktail shaker the egg froths up into a nice creamy foam. We pour the drink through a small strainer and this gives a bit of height to the foam, helps mellow it out and adds a nice texture.



60 ml Orginal Biggar gin

22 ml simple syrup

30 ml grapefruit juice

30 ml lemon juice

1 egg white (this can be substituted for aquafaba - the juice in cans of chickpeas)



Combine all ingredients with plenty of ice in a cocktail shaker

Shake hard to chill the drink, provide some dilution from the ice and create the foam.

(Top tip - to get extra height on the foam we shake with ice to chill the drink, then remove the ice and shake again)

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