Biggar Cask Aged Mull Gin
Biggar Cask Aged Mull Gin

Biggar Cask Aged Mulled Gin

We celebrate halloween this year with some Oak Aged Biggar Gin and mulled cider. If you’d like to try this at home add the following to a pan:


500ml dry cider, 

3 cloves, 

a cinnamon stick lightly crushed, 

2 slices of lemon, 

one apple cured and sliced thinly. 


Bring to the boil and allow to simmer for ten minutes, take off the heat and allow to rest for ten more minutes to allow flavours to mix.


Serve in a suitable mug with a measure of Biggar Cask Aged Gin, garnish with an apple slice and optionally a cinnamon stick.


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